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White Label Touchscreen Software Released by Next Level Touch

White Label Touchscreen Software by Next Level Touch is pretty awesome

Imagine being able to create large formatted, engaging,  multi-touch applications with no coding knowledge using an intuitive CMS (content management system) and cloud computing to publish your touchscreen application any where in the world. Well now you can. The advanced white label touchscreen software solution from Next Level Studios gives you the ability to create stunning touchscreen applications for large touchscreen monitors, kiosks, touchscreen walls, interactive coffee tables and small touch devices.

Our Innovative White Labeel touch screen software takes your business to then next level

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View white-label touchscreen software screenshots below:

Turn-key touch-screen software app photo gallery image White Label touch-screen software app home image White Label touchscreen software gallery image Turn-key touchscreen software lightbox White Label-touch-screen-kiosk-company-design-company-4 Turn-key touchscreen software video image White Label touchscreen software fullscreen video White Label touchscreen software CMS image White Label touchscreen software Content management

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Mobile Wayfinding Touch Software – Native iPhone, iPad and Android App released

Mobile Wayfinding Touch Software Native Mobile Web App Add-On for iPhone, iPad and Andorid

Wayfinding software has become the method of choice for hospitals, universities, trade shows, corporate buildings and other businesses to deliver step by step directions via a touch screen interface. Wayfinding software can also include other beneficial interactive information including business directories, local business information, weather forecast widgets, digital signage, advertising and more. The addition of a mobile wayfinding option enhances the user experience and makes the app more flexible. Giving users access to your wayfinding app from their mobile device is the “Next Level” in modern touch screen wayfinding.

The Mobile Wayfinding add-on by Next Level Touch  enhances the existing Wayfinding Software to enable all iPhone, iPad and Android devices to interact with the wayfinding map from their mobile device.

Making the wayfinding application portable has a tremendous increase of user experience and it makes the entire application portable for them as they navigate the hospital, university, trade show or other business wayfinding app. Wayfinding is definitely the easiest way for users to navigate around a large building or area.

Mobile Wayfinding  QR Code image


Mobile wayfinding with QR codes and SMS

The best way to deliver mobile wayfinding to your customers is by offering a QR code and SMS text option to view the mobile wayfinding application on their device. Next Level Touch integrates both QR codes and SMS text options that include detailed analytics about user interaction. After a user scans the QR code for their device they have access to a scaled down version of the same wayfinding application that is on the larger touch screen. The mobile version has touch, drag and zoom features and is very easy to use.

Wayfinding and Mobile wayfinding is  a must for many types of businesses. Next Level Touch offers solutions for Hospital Wayfinding, University Wayfinding, Trade Show Wayfinding, Corporate Office Wayfinding and more. Click here to learn more about Wayfinding and Mobile Wayfinding.