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Virtual Hero

- Automatic Green screen

- Head detection

- Custom backrounds

The Workflow at the Event

Taking Picture: The guest puts on a green skirt and has their picture taken in front of a green screen.

Hand the Game Poster: The guest selects a game and a poster of the game and receives a print out with their face as the hero.

Amazing Party Favor: The guest can download the game using the QR Code on the photo to their tablet or smartphone and play with their amazing party favor at the event and even later at home.

Branding in Mind: The games’ backgrounds are fully branded and allow you to load any background you like.

Maximum Fun @ the Event: The guests will also be able to play their games at the event on IPAD stations that will gave them a taste of the amazing party favor they just received.

Attract Mode: Connecting another monitor to the software will allow you to present random heads playing the games using the built-in attract mode feature in Virtual Hero.

So Competitive: Most of the games support “High Score Table” which allows guests at the event to compete with each other in real time.

Virtual Hero Studio

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