Virtual Graffiti Wall

AIR Graffiti Wall is a unique and exciting product that allows the creation of digital and virtual graffiti on a designated rear projection screen using a laptop, projector and infrared spray cans.

Mirror Me Booth

The guests walk in front of a magical mirror when extraordinary colorful animation appear on the mirror that invite them to touch and start their magical photo favor journey.

Augmented Reality Foto Booth

Augmented Reality Photo Booth allows the guest to appear with a random 3D Virtual Props on them and on their friends and create an out of the ordinary photo favor.

Mobile Flipbook Studio

In less than 90 seconds, guests record a short clip and then the Mobile Flipbook Studio creates a flipbook for them! The flipbook is 60 frames from the short video and once assembled is given to the guests to take home as a venue memorabilia.

Neon Video Booth

Neon Video Booth quickly creates amazing Videos / Gifs / Flipbooks / Photos with a neon light painting experience captured and previewed in real time.

Virtual Hero Studio

Virtual Hero Studio is a new party favor attraction where the Party Favor is a game app which is personalized and branded according to the event theme and the best part is the guests are the main characters!

Bobble Heads Station

Bobble Heads Station allows you to create a cute and personalized Bobble Head doll with a shaking head for guests. It’s a funny and special party favor that is memorable and enjoyable!

Mini Me Foto Booth

Traditional photo booths are always fun, however people are desiring something new and different! Introducing Mini Me Foto Booth. This unconventional photo booth allows you to shrink your friend to a miniature version of themselves and fit in the palm of your hand.

Interactive Story

Kids are fascinated by stories. They love the characters and are fascinated by the plot! What if we could allow the kids to find themselves inside such story and interact with the very characters they love to talk and hear about?

AIR Graffiti Touch

AIR Graffiti Touch is a super interactive attraction that allows you to interact with your photos using your fingers. All you need to run it is AIR Graffiti Software in combination with a regular TV and a Multi Touch Overlay. Simple, smart and an amazing attraction for Family Entertainment Centers, the Special Event Industry and many more.