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Touchscreen Wayfinding, Mobile Wayfinding, Digital Concierge/Directory & Digital Signage Software

We can create your Wayfinding solution by importing a high resolution floor plans and importing your CSV database.

Our Wayfinding solution offers a lot of features and we can  personalize the software and adapt it to your needs. We can configure unlimited facilities,  multiple  language keyboards and offer advertising opportunities. Our Wayfinding software offers great user friendly opportunities to inform your audience in a way that meet todays expectations and needs.

  • Configure Unlimited Facilities
  • Smart Search Function
  • Advertising Opportunities
  • Custom Colors, Text & Button Shapes
  • Multiple Language Integrated Keyboard
  • Drag, Pinch & Zoom Functionality

Portrait & Landscape Wayfinding Viewing Options

Mobile Web & Mobile Native App Wayfinding


Mobile Wayfinding works on all mobile devices
Mobile Wayfinding options include: HTML5 Web App, Native IOS iPhone App, Native IOS iPad App and Native Android App

What is Wayfinding?

Way finding is a term that is used to describe a system that helps people find their way from one place to another. A touch screen way finder is typically used in shopping centers, hotels, libraries, museums, hospitals, galleries,  casinos, trade shows, even zoos! An effective touch screen way finder system will identify the most efficient way for a person to get to their desired location. Our touch screen way finder solution can even provide a printable map as an option.

The tools to assist people in wayfinding can include:

  • Printed information
  • Architectural features and design elements
  • Permanent signage
  • Digital devices (e.g. kiosks or mobile)
  • Human interactions (e.g. with information officers)

Wayfinding solutions can also have integrated advertising locations to help monetize the application.

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Convenient, Fun and Easy to use

Our touch screen way finding solutions are fun to use and designed with intuitive touch screen interfaces.


Drag & Drop Content Management System

Managing your touch screen way finding solution is easy with an intuitive drag and drop CMS.


Multi-Building & Multi Floor Wayfinding

Integrate multiple floors and multiple buildings into your touch screen way finding application.

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Drag & Drop Ads Management

Monetize your application with advertising and update it remotely with our management system.

Clean Directory Listings

Simple and effective listing of floors, rooms, tenants or any search criteria you choose to specify. Our solution makes finding information quicker and easier for users.

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Mobile Wayfinder Via QR & SMS

Our HTML5 mobile web based application can send mapping info to users smart phones. iPhone, iPad & Android apps also available.

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Analyze statistics about user interaction with our detailed reporting system.

Multi-Touch Screen Control

Our way finder solution features pinch, rotate, zoom, and draggable floor maps with multi-point touch gestures.

Smart Search

With Smart Search users can quickly find a business name, department, store, etc…  Simply enter in the first few characters of your query and smart search will provide relevant results.

Automatic Route Animation

Our way finder software features animated route displays and flashing map icons. Users have convenient visual cues and directions that make finding there location easy.

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Pop-up Information Boxes

Add useful information to pop-up boxes that can include coupons, videos, multimedia or other pertinent information  via a single touch to a map icon.

Dynamic Custom Content

Add restaurant, bar, movies, news, shopping, attractions and more using dynamically pulled data for real time content.

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Dynamic Advertising

Include local advertisements and promotions on your touch application. Make your ads interactive by enabling a proactive touch to showcase promotions and distribute coupons to the kiosk user.

Event Calendar

Use the  dynamic calendar to display upcoming events. Integrate promotions and multimedia into the calendar. You can also enable  users to sign up for events by submitting their email address.

Showcase Rich Media

Rich internet applications and HD multi-media attract any audience to approach the kiosk and get immersed by this new generation kiosk system. Integrate HD videos, hi res photo galleries, animations, audio  and other rich media

3rd Party Apps

Optional 3rd party support to integrate your favorite widgets into the Touch Directory. Additional add-ons may be available upon request.


Optionally add Flash to your touch screen application.

Schedule Updates

This function enables the admin  to  schedule update.  This is beneficial for scheduling updates in the middle of the night when the application is not being used.

3rd-Party Integrations

Optional support for 3rd party signage, printing payment or sensor system integration.

Batch Upload

Upload large amounts of data and multi-media files at your convenience.

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Remote Content Updates Via the Cloud

Updating your way finding touch application is easy with our cloud based management system.

Detailed Analytics

Analyze statistics about user interaction with our detailed reporting system.

Are you looking to a get a quote for your multi-touch way finding project?

Touchscreen Wayfinder Software Player Details

Wayfinding Interactive Interface

• Unlimited interactive slides/layers/buttons/icons on layout interface

• Free-style list content display with smart search

• Image, Video, RSS, XML, News, Weather, and Webpage

• Photo/Video/Media slideshow, Panorama, Interactive Photo Album

• Seamless 3rd-party data integration (RSS, XML, CSV, JSON, etc.)

• Twitter Board, Donor List

• Google map integration

• Native Multi-Touch Gestures Support (Smartphone-like)

• Native Multi-language support

• Dynamic QR Code

Wayfinding Interactive Map

• Multi-Building, Multi-Floor, Cross-building Wayfinding

• Get directions to thousands of destinations (automatic)

• Animated Route (automatic)

• Turn-by-turn Text Direction (automatic)

• 360° Panorama (virtual tour, similar to Google Street Map)

• Timed, preferred and/or wheelchair routes

• Unlimited points of interest/hotspots; Custom Tenant/Hotspot Logos; Hotspot Popup Information

Wayfinding Software Promotions,Videos and Flyers etc.

• Print or Send Directions to Email/Mobile/Mobile Wayfinding Website

• Dynamic Directions text QR Code Generation

Wayfinding Software Digital Signage Screensaver

• Full featured traditional digital signage package

• Slide scheduling

• System Maintenance schedule

Printer Compatible

• Print buttons that can print to a printer in or close to the kiosk.

Data Synchronization Tool

• Remote Content Update

• Content/media resides locally, to prevent data lag

Wayfinding Kiosk Tool

• Kiosk Security Tool

• Kiosk Status Monitoring/Alert Tool (Cloud/Enterprise)

Touchscreen Wayfinder Software Layout Designer & CMS

Digital Signage Designer and CMS

• Drag and drop digital signage designer

• Add, Edit and Manage Digital Signage Content

• Content Scheduling

• Screensaver Designer

Digital Concierge Designer and CMS

• External content integration (API’s, RSS, JSON and XML feeds )

• Google Map editor

• Native Multi-language support with built-in Google/Microsoft translation

• Template Center: Create templates or choose from existing templates

Interactive Wayfinding Map Designer and CMS

• Multi-building, Multi-floor Wayfinding Designer

• True user-capable path editing tool allows enabling/disabling temporary nodes and routes for

construction, re-route directions, label paths and point of interests, and more

• Timed, preferred, and Tagged route editor

• Intelligent algorithm automatically calculates routes from any start point to thousands of


• Kiosk Location Manager easily relocates kiosks with all directions automatically adjusted

• Multi-language Manager

• Hotspot Manager

• Popup Ad Manager

• Map Animation Editor

• QR Code Manager

• Batch Content Update from Excel

• Mobile Map Export Tool synchronizes latest map to mobile devices by 1-click

Local/Lan (Hybrid) CMS

• Content update for individual or multiple

kiosks using simple networking or USB

(e.g. WiFi & Windows shared


• Single admin; Microsoft Windows-based

administrator rights

Cloud-based CMS

• Content control for individual or multiple kiosks

• Access full Designer and Manager from anywhere

• Multi-level Account Management:

Administrator, Editor, and Kiosk


• Kiosk Management (Kiosk Tag, Name,

Online/Offline Status, Information, Group,

Module, Content assignment)

• Content Version Control (Create, Edit,


• Kiosk Status Monitoring/Alert

Enterprise CMS

• Content update for individual or multiple kiosks

• Access full Designer and Manager from within


• Multi-level Account Management:

Administrator, Editor, and Kiosk Privileges

• Kiosk Management (Kiosk Tag, Name, Online/Offline

Status, Information, Group,

Module, Content assignment)

• Content Version Control (Create, Edit, Publish)

• Dataset Version Control (Create, Edit, Publish)

• Kiosk Status Monitoring/Alert