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Organization is the Key to a Successful Project

We provide clients an intuitive online project management tool that is also optimized for mobile phones

We have done a lot of projects over the years and if there is one thing we have learned, it is that organization and communication  is one of the biggest factors for  a successful project. Our project management solution provides the tools needed to organize and have a successful project.

Next Level Touch Project Management Key Features:

  • Manage all project data
  • Manage all tasks and project correspondence
  • Manage your projects on the go with mobile web app
  • Review all invoices and pay with PayPal
  • Intuitive and easy to use interface
  • Helps keep project on schedule


  • Dashboard
    Helpful overview of open projects, open invoices, received and outstanding payments, open tasks, messages and events.
  • Project Management
    Create and manage all your projects.
  • Project Tasks
    You can add tasks to any project.
  • Support Tickets
    Open tickets to keep track of any incident. It also supports email tickets.
  • File Upload and commenting
    On all projects you can upload any kind of files and add comments to files.
  • Media Management
    Manage your media items
  • Invoice Management
    Creating and sending invoices was never that easy!
  • User Activity Widget
    See who is online.
  • Email Notifications
    Get email notifications on new messages, project assignment etc.
  • Database backup
    Never loose any data again!
  • Multi Language Support
    Full language support for multiple languages.
  • Private Messaging
    Send private messages to project managers.
  • Paypal IPN Integration
    Pay invoices via Paypal.
  • Paypal Subscription Integration
    Paypal subscriptions for recurring invoices.

How Does It Work?

Next Level Touch offers an online project management software for all client projects. The client can log in at any time and create tickets, make notes, add media, review subscriptions, review invoices, pay invoices and more. This enables projects to be organized and developed more efficiently.